The Freedom Trio

Get liberated with the Freedom Trio!
“We decided to put together the band we always wished for but never had.”

We formed the Freedom Trio in May 2013. The group consists of Herb Smith on trumpet, Peter Chwazik on bass and Joe Parker on drums.

We are committed to creating thoughtful, playful ways of exploring modern music, while keeping melody in the forefront. We incorporate jazz, rock, classical, blues, gospel, and Indian classical musics into our original compositions. As we create, we are always improvising. Something new always emerges. Our music is groovy and sometimes weird, but you will get it, and we think you’ll love it, like we do!

We incorporate unusual rhythms, hypnotic loops, grounding bass lines, soaring trumpet melodies, and electronic enhancements during our performances.

Freedom Trio pricing is generally $2,000 to $5,00 plus travel expenses for a performance and $3,000 to $6,000 plus travel costs for a residency with a college or university.


Trio Portrait